IN (Reactivating in Oct 2016)

We are attempting to reactivate our Indiana County area effective immediately.  Call Brad @ 724-954-0523 to advertise on these placemats.  Corner spaces can be reserved – first come first serve.

Feedback welcome:  If you know of a restaurant you think should be added to our list, please call Brad @ 724-954-0523 or leave a message at our office – 724-548-7249.

Indiana County Restaurants

  • Bruno’s
  • Dean’s Diner, Blairsville
  • HomeMade, Home, PA
  • Ironwood Grill (Closed?)
  • Rustic Lodge

Usage: In 2015, usage was approx 10,000 every two months.  With Dean’s Diner added as a new partner restaurant, we expect to print 15,000 or 20,000 per issue.
Protecting your investment during transition:  We sell by quantity and will move excess placemats around so as many as possible (preferably all) are used in a timely manner.
Duration:  We target the duration of each issue at 60 days or six printings per year.  Quantities used will be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Last updated 9/27-16
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