1-2-3 Let’s go

Help Wanted:  Part-time sales working from your home or car in your spare time.  Flexible schedule means you work when you want to.  Experience preferred.

Occasional Help Wanted:  We need occasional deliveries which are picking up 200-300 placemats from one restaurant and taking them to another restaurant nearby.  PLUS it would help to have eyes and ears out there making sure our placemats are being used and not stuck up on a shelf somewhere.

Advertising Tips:  Read the list below to maximize your tabletop marketing program.

  • 2×2 ads are what we sell most of, but only because other products are less conspicuous. For a lower price per ad, consider a “text-only” ad or an “ad sponsorship” where you get your name and phone number listed supporting a nonprofit organization or local event… talk about making you LOOK GOOD!
  • Ongoing ads are when you tell us to start your ad and we keep going until you tell us to stop.  Discounts are 10% off in your ad is ongoing in one area, 14% off if ongoing in multiple areas or uses two or more spaces per issue.
  • Filler ads are bids for ad space unsold at sales deadlines.  The higher you bid, the better the chance someone else is going to be bumped instead of you.  Great for fishing for the perfect customers in your off-season!