Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently questions and answers

Q.  Where will my ad be seen?
A.  We print tens of thousands of paper placemats at a time and deliver them FOR FREE to local restaurants that meet our minimum qualifications… enough light to read by, enough time to read your ad if they are so inclined, and decent cars in the parking lot at least some of the time.  We know your future success depends on you finding new customers who can BUY your products and services.  We also help introduce NEW products and services.

Q.  What restaurants are you in?
A. Look for Restaurant Maps just above the picture on the far right.  A list of restaurants and a map showing their locations is available for each of our service areas.

Q.  What if we go into one of your restaurants and our ad is not there?
A.  #1, have patience because we don’t have eyes and ears everywhere all the time.  Some possible reasons:

  • Whoever was setting the tables got into the wrong box of placemats.
  • Restaurant staff did not call us in a timely manner to tell us they were almost out of placemats.  At the bottom left of each placemat, our phone # is listed with a request they call five days in advance when running low.
  • The owner or manager didn’t notice (yet) which placemats were being used.
  • A waitress or waiter is simply having a bad day and doesn’t care.
  • A few of our better locations have placemats from two or three companies and each set of placemats has time on tables and time off.  Since we invoice by quantity, you can be sure you are still getting the value you paid for, even if your ad is not on tables all the time.
  • We have a few restaurants where two versions of our placemats take turns or are used in different dining rooms.  Examples:  St Cloud Hotel in East Brady has both Kittanning and Butler placemats, Yak Diner has AKAP and AKLV, the ACMH Snack Bar uses both Kittanning and Ford City mats.
  • If and when you find your ad is NOT on the tables and you think they should be, PLEASE CALL CARL ASAP @ 724-822-4249.  We need to know WHAT is happening so we can start figuring out WHY it’s happening.  Thanks in advance for helping us get problems fixed asap.

Q.  How many placemats are printed per area?
A.  Generally, we track usage and print enough for 60 days or 2 months.  For Ford City, AKLV, and NKLB, 10,000 are required.  In Butler and Kittanning, 20,000 are printed per issue.  For AKAP including Creekside Diner, we need to print 40,000 for most issues and 30,000 for one or two issues per year.  For the most up to date information, contact one of our sales reps.  Names and phone numbers are listed on most placemats… or call our office at 724-548-7249.

Q.  Where are the Rates and Discounts?
A.  Generally, specials are posted on our website.  For the most up to date information, contact one of our sales reps.  Names and phone numbers are listed on most placemats… or call our office at 724-548-7249.

Q.  What are generic placemats?
A.  Most of the placemats we print can be used in any restaurant in a certain area.  They are non-branded, aka “generic”.  Occasionally, we print placemats that are branded for just one restaurant so they can list menu items, special offers, beers on tap, etc.

Q.  Where can I find the Terms and Conditions now?
A.  Hopefully here.

Q.  If I want to create my own ad, what are the specifications?
A.  2″x2″ grayscale since we use a single color ink for all ads, 200 dpi minimum resolution, 300 dpi preferred in PDF format with embedded fonts.  Multiple spaces can be used for oversize ads.  A double ad would be 2″ x 4″, triple = 2″ x 6″, etc.

If you print a copy of the contract (under dropdown menu #3), these DIY specifications are repeated in the right hand column halfway down the page.