Special deals for Fall 2017

This page replaces the summer specials page.  For all new advertisers during the summer, thank you and welcome aboard. Availability:  All service areas including Brady and NKLB.  Reservations are open for ad space in all areas, click the link for "areas and restaurants" on this page .  For your choice of space on placemats, our rule is "first come first serve."  Call several weeks in advance to make sure you don't get missed completely AND to get your preferred space. Bulk Pricing:  During … [Read more...]

New schedule for 2014

Our offerings have changed slightly since the beginning of 2013 but, with wishes for a GREAT 2014, get in touch with your favorite sales rep and let's get busy bringing more customers to your door. Monica Coleman - 724-290-0951 Marsha Neel - 660-525-1496 (moving back soon from Missouri, Marsha grew up in the Freeport area.) Carl Bromley, the Placemat guy, aka "Idea Guy" -  724-822-4249 Julia Duris -  724-548-7249 Before mid-February, we will be printing new placemats in all but one … [Read more...]