About Us

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Looking at the list of players below, it seems we have one attribute in common, helping others.  If you like to help others, mention our low prices and volunteerism to see what fits and where.  We’ve been selling ad sponsorships in the past three years so businesses can get their name and phone number on our placemats while paying a reduced amount to promote a local nonprofit organization’s event or mission statement.  We’re always looking for volunteers, for THEM!  Call our office to find out about volunteer opportunities in our service area… there are lots to choose from if you know where to look.

About Carl: That picture is from my mid-forties but now I hide behind a gray beard and sport white hair, still a bit out of control on humid days.  I was born and raised in Mercer County, PA, moved to California for twenty-some years and raised a great daughter, then developed the itch to move back to Pennsylvania.  In retrospect, I think the people and lifestyle of California just couldn’t match what I’ve experienced here.

I’ve been volunteering ever since I can remember and enjoy the ‘feel good’ paycheck that goes along with it.  I don’t like feeling frustrated and I don’t like seeing others frustrated.

For the purpose of sharing information with others in your community, I highly recommend publishing via the Internet on a local level.  Facebook and WordPress blogs are two of the best.  If you need help, ask a teenager or at the local library.

About Julie: Originally Julia Ann Nycz, born and raised in Ford City, PA, Julie Duris graduated from Ford City HS, met and married the father of her two sons (later divorced), put herself and both her sons through college, and used her R.N. degree and Masters in Nursing to build a career path that spans several employers and many years.  Currently she is an instructor in the Lenape Nursing Program, administrator of the Skilled Nursing Unit at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital, proofreader for Local4All placemats, and self-appointed Chief Enforcement Officer of the “To Do” list.  If something needs to get done, call Julie!

Staff:  Jennifer Parthenakis assists with office management, organization, and making sure “To Do” items don’t fall through the cracks.  Thanks, Jen!

About Local4All Placemats: Originally known in the area as Warner Advertising placemats, Dan Warner’s table-top mats first started showing up in the Ford City area circa 1992.  Local4All purchased the placemats business in February 2007, the owners of the two businesses having known each other for several years through nonprofit work (Ford City Area Business and Professionals Association) and Carl having given Dan a hand occasionally in the print shop and/or deliveries as needed.  At the time of transfer, Dan’s other obligations and opportunities in life had resulted in the placemat service areas going from an all-time high of eight areas in 2002 down to three in 2007.  Since taking over, we have increased the number back to seven.  Dan himself has been one of our frequent advertising customers for his Trading Post business.


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