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decorative quill ink pen   Posted on June 11, 2003

Zelienople, PA - Two class acts highlighted last night's 25th Anniversary celebration of Zelienople-Harmony Kiwanis. Some in the audience were nearly in tears with laughter during a 'musical improv' comedy act - "Swinging Sisters" of Mars, PA. I highly recommend the group and, to Mother Inferior, (her choice of words, not mine) you are MORE THAN WELCOME to list your public performances on our Local4All calendar. "Good job, ladies!"

The second class act was a letter, thoughtfully chosen and read by Club President Robin Gnoth. Her text was a letter written by Kevin Thomas, Secretary of the PA Kiwanis District, which recounted MANY instances of Kiwanians helping their neighbors, often quietly with no expectation of anything in return.

One story was of a young lady who, with the help of Kiwanians, received life-saving heart surgery at the Geisinger Children's Center at the age of 2. Now 12, she plans to become a doctor... who can predict how many lives will be saved and how much suffering will be avoided because of that one surgery ten years ago?

Kiwanis? Yes... Kevin Thomas of Harrisburg, thank you for sharing that story in your letter.

Pennsylvania Kiwanis Governor Don Sanker also addressed the mostly over-60 audience. Kiwanians have helped but perhaps too quietly... the public hears little and sees not enough. Membership has dropped and change MUST occur for the organization to continue its good work.

Don, here are a few of my ideas for rebuilding the Kiwanis 'brand' with a focus on reading programs:

  • For an audience of nutrition experts: "Reading is feeding the mind."
  • For gardening enthusiasts: "Reading is seeding a better tomorrow."
  • For school boards and administrators: "Reading is heeding the needs of the future."

For young parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other people who care about young children and our future... All three of the above are true - join in and help your local Kiwanis organization.


Carl Bromley, President
Kittanning Kiwanis Club
Kittanning, PA.

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