Fundraising 50/50 (win-win)

Many of you who have purchased 50/50 tickets in the past may think you can guess the rest of this page.

WRONG!   : )

Local4All's Fundraising 50/50 could also be 60/40, 70/30, or 83/17.  If you've looked at the Fundraising Basics page, you know there are quite a few tasks to be done before you have a successful fundraiser placemat.  IF you are part of an organization strong in some of those tasks but need help with others, PARTNERING is right for you.


If your organization and another nonprofit can complement each others' efforts and, between the two of you, get the job done....  then you should also split the profits, right?  Divide the work?  Divide the rewards!  Win-win.

Maybe?  Why maybe?

If members of your group don't get along with the other group, if you fight over every penny to the point you miss out on nickels, dimes and dollars, then partnering is NOT for you.  And it's not necessarily anybody's fault.  Sometimes neediness and greediness are left-over habits from our growing up years and we can't help ourselves (sometimes).  So, when you see a needy-greedy bad habit, start replacing it with 'plenty for you, plenty for me' as often as possible and life will be better for everyone.

With Local4All doing a lot of the preliminary work, graphic design, printing, and followup, we expect to get paid, too, making the total outcome win-win-win.  We actually want to make it EASY for you.

Yummy, so let's get started.

Need to get your Board's approval?  Most likely, that's a yes.  Show them the plan and that's a start!