Our Fundraising BONUS PROGRAM!

By this time, you've read through our fundraising basics page or maybe you're experienced enough at fundraising you could teach us a thing or three.  If that's the case, you want us to skip the small talk and show you the money!  If you didn't read it yet, check out our Fundraising Basics.

Including the two levels of bonuses based on sales, your total income could be well over $1000.  How that breaks down is:

  • Basic sales, 22 maximum => $550 ($25/ad x 22 maximum)
  • First bonus starts when you log your 10th sale.  You earn an additional $20 for EVERY ad sold.
    • Example:  Total sales = 14 ad spaces whether single ads, double ads, or triples.  (14 x ($25 + $20) = $630.
  • Second bonus kicks in when you log your 15th sale.  Now you get a $30 bonus instead of $20.
  • Example:  if your total sales = 20 ad spaces, you earn $1100   (20 x $55).
  • Example:  if your total sales = 22 ad spaces, you earn $1210   (22x $55).

It's not rocket science:

Your fundraiser sales offer would look something like this:

$100 for your ad on 10,000 placemats in _____________ (restaurant) or only $_______ if you want a double ad.

Custom pricing:  In the big city or in upscale markets, $100 is a drop in the bucket.

  • If you want to set higher prices for your fundraiser, it doesn't hurt to try.
  • One possibility is to accept items for Chinese auctions and other fundraisers as part of their advertising price.  Barter often turns out win-win.
  • You can take pledges in situations where cash flow is tight.

Suggestion:  When you're fair to your customers, you can do a second and third fundraising placemat, maybe more.