Fundraising Basics

Fundraising is any action that produces revenue, whether it's for a specific purpose (restricted funds from a grant?) or for general purposes, i.e. unrestricted funds.  Unless some rule in somebody's rulebook besides ours says money has to be use in a certain way, Local4All Fundraising Placemats will always generate unrestricted funds.

Our placemat design used most often has a total of 22 spaces around the perimeter which can be used for paid business ads.  With $25 going to the recipient organization from each sale, that adds up to $880 before bonuses if all 22 spaces are sold.  Some companies might want two spaces, a double ad.  And there are also a few that LOVE going billboard style and they buy 3 or 4 spaces side by side.

Bonuses?  Yes, but you have to get started first.  We'll cover two levels of financial bonuses in detail in Fundraising 101.  Before that, though, is that the entire CENTER of the placemat is designed with your organization and your partner restaurant(s) in the spotlight.  Need volunteers?  Have events coming up?  PERFECT!  It's our placemat but our intention is your success.  Publish your information in the center of the placemat at ZERO extra cost.

How to get started:  It's not that difficult, see below:

  • Make a decision:  Most nonprofit Boards are bound by their Bylaws to adopt a resolution or approve a motion that is duly made and seconded.
  • Find a partner:  Select one or more local restaurants to host your fundraiser and display your placemats on their tables, preferably with total usage of 80 per day or more.  If your nonprofit is one of Local4All's service areas, we can help with this.
  • Distribute printed materials:  Roughly one out of three of your prospects should have a brochure with the pricing and terms in writing (printed by us, given to you @ no charge.  It's part of our overhead).  This gives your project credibility.
  • Collect contracts, checks, and ad copy:  Depending on your volunteers and hours available, this might be a challenge.  We have some support available internally and can also help you partner with another organization to help with this.  See Fundraising 50-50 for more information.

One of our team members suggested I include "Fundraising is fun" on this page.  It can be if you have enough help, the process is simple enough for volunteers to understand, AND if you have enough volunteers.  Even more fun is spending the money to accomplish your organization's mission.

More resources:

  • Fundraising 101
  • Fundraising 5050
  • Fundraising application - please send an email to until we get out online form in place.  Thank you!