Welcome to all for the year 2017.  We will be providing our same low-cost advertising on our placemats.  Special prices will be offered on select placemats and we also plan to have special placemats for fundraising for local nonprofit organizations.

IF YOU WILL...!  Please help keep us in touch with your favorite nonprofit organizations so we can support them AND their mission.  Even if a nonprofit is outside our normal distribution areas, we can print a SPECIAL placemat for a SPECIAL purpose at any time.  They will receive a portion of the proceeds (sales) and their organization will be featured in the center of the placemat.  WIN-WIN-WIN.

Regular pricing as of 1/1/2017:

  • Your single ad on 10,000 placemats for $100.
  • Add an extra space (2"x4") or an extra 10,000 placemats for $50.
    • The total for a double ad on 10K or a single ad on 20K would be the same price = $150.  Total for a single ad on 30,000 would be $185 ($150+$35).  See next bullet.
  • Extra spaces and/or additional increments of 10,000 for only $35 each.
  • Ad sponsorships start @ $75 and may include more than one area at the same price.  The ad sponsor's name and phone number are included so the benefit is twofold:  recognition of support for your community AND advertising all in one.
  • Ongoing advertisers will receive a 14% discount on each order, 18% off if ongoing in more than one area.

New Year's Pricing (must be purchased in January):

  • First time buyer:  Take $20 off our regular pricing.
  • Returning buyers:  $15 off our regular price for each ad space ($30 for double ads, etc.)

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer to our sales team (also acting as office manager) and we want to congratulate Andrew Bowser for 2 1/2 years as of January 2017.  He has been a great help.


In our office, we say "Good Morning". As the calendar pages turn, it's barely past New Years' when it seems time for "Happy New Year" again.  Our "every year" resolution is to help you get the word out for less for your company's best products and services.

Pricing in general: $100 for the first 10,000 in an area plus lower pricing per thousand for additional blocks of 10,000:

  • $150 for 20,000 (2nd 10K = $50, half price)
  • $185 for 30,000 (3rd 10K = $35, even less per thousand)
  • $220 for 40,000, etc.

Discounts are automatically applied to ongoing customers' invoices:  14% for "ongoing" (also known as "re-ups" or "renewals") in one service area, 18% for automatic renewals in two or more areas.  Call anytime to reserve space on ANY future placemat issue.  You can also choose which space(s) you want on a first come first serve.  Want the top left space?  Reserve it.  Bottom right?  It's yours if you get there first.

At Local4All, we wish you the MOST PROSPEROUS of New Years!  We hope to be part of it.


Local4All is pleased to continue serving up Holiday savings for the seventh year.

  1. NO LONGER AVAILABLE:  AKAP, AKLV, Ford City, Kittanning, and NKLB Holiday placemats - Deadlines have passed.  Next issues will be January-March 2015.
  2. 05 IN Hol 1114:  Ironwood Grill, or generic Indiana placemats only...  your ad on 5000 placemats for $75 or both for $100.
  3. 05B Hol 1114:  Butler - will be printing 20,000 (20K) for $150 including 7,500 for the two Pizza Hut locations in Butler.  Call for pricing if you want just the Pizza Hut locations.
  4. 05 SEBCo Hol 1114:  For Southeast Butler County, your ad on 40,000 placemats, a combination of one-restaurant specials and ~20K generic placemats.  Call for pricing combinations.

See lists of restaurants in each area from the dropdown menu above.


I do volunteer computer training and thought I would see how well the library's Wi-Fi works so I can show the same content on at least 3 different devices.  Different browsers display content their own way.  Different devices are a completely new level.  Classes are open to the public unless otherwise posted.

I also would enjoy offering this in the Butler County Area. 🙂