Best Special Ever…

Local4All Placemats continues to provide quality advertising at a great price with our second printing of 2016.  THE PRICE GETS BETTER THE MORE YOU BUY!  Our formula for bulk pricing is shown below.

  1. Tier 1.. your 2x2 ad on the first 10,000 placemats for $100
  2. Tier 2... a second space, aka placing a double ad instead of single ad, increases the price by ONLY $50.  Same for a single ad on another 10,000 mats.  You save $50.
  3. Tier 3, also known as our bonus pricing.... either another space or a single space on another 10,000 placemats for JUST $35.
    • Total savings for a single ad on 30,000 placemats = $115, MORE THAN 35% off.  Compare $300 to $185 and you'll see what we mean!
    • Total savings for a double ad on 20,000 placemats = $180 or 45% off.  Compare $400 to $220.  We think you will like it.  More options available, call for details.