Call Sadie OR Patrick and get an extra 10% off, but you must act by 4/7 to get this special discount.

Why call?  See the page(s) above and you'll see why it's smart to advertise on placemats and our list of service areas will tell you which directions to go so your efforts and ours will get more customers to give you a call or drop into your office.


The first 10,000 in an order is ALWAYS $100 except when we do a special like we just announced.

The next 10,000 in that order is only $50 and every 10,000 after that is $35.... for that order.

Call soon, time is running out.  Space on our placemats is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Call Sadie or Patrick at 724-543-2641.  If no answer, leave a message or call Patrick's cell phone 724-859-1451.

Deadline:  Tuesday 3/24

It's no blarney that Local4All prices are as low as they have ever been and now there are specials on top of that.  The only "Blarney" is in the name!

Regular pricing:  $100 for the first 10,000 (aka 10K), then only $50 for the second 10K, and only $35 for every 10K AFTER the first 20,000.  Based on single ad prices in each area... check with our sales representatives Patrick and Sadie for bundles that span multiple areas and for special pricing on double ads.

Need billboard pricing?  Our 2" x 6" ad LOOKS like a billboard and gets people's attention.  Call one of our sales reps to get pricing and reserve your space!  724-543-2641.

Check the dropdown menu above for a list of all areas and restaurants in each area.  The two areas listed below will NOT be printed in the next three weeks but you might want to put them on the same contract to get overall lower prices through volume discounts.

NOT in the next printing:

  • AKAP
  • AKLV

For everything else, the clock is ticking and deadlines are getting closer.  Our next printing will be 80,000 total, the most that can be fit on one pallet.  Don't miss out!

February deadlines are approaching fast so if you need advertising in the pre-summer months, now is the time to decide what you need where.

Prices are as low as they have ever been with our new pricing model.  Duration is normally two months for each issue.

Deadlines soon on the following areas:

  • AKAP - 20,000 (quantity to be printed)
  • AKLV - 10,000
  • Butler - 10,000
  • Indiana - 10,000
  • NKLB - 10,000
  • 01SEBCo v2 - 20,000 (expected to last 4-5 weeks)

Call your sales representative soon.  If you don't have one, check our "About Us" page.

For local businesses who need to ramp up going into the summer months, now is the time to get your information out there.  For commercial landscapers and anyone wanting to target more corporate clients, it's almost TOO late.  You never know when their decision-maker is going to sit down in front of one of our placemats.  By the time they take a look at 2016, they have forgotten you.

Need good prices now?  Call one of our sales representatives today.

Basic Pricing: 

  • $100 for the first 10,000
  • $50 for the second 10,000 (total for 20,000 would be $150)
  • $35 for each 10,000 over the first 20,000

Each purchase can be considered for bundle pricing if the entire order is placed at one time.

See our website under Restaurant Maps for a list of restaurants in each area.

Information below left for reference.

Basic Pricing:

  • $100 for the first 10,000
  • $50 for the second 10,000 (total for 20,000 would be $150)
  • $35 for the each 10,000 over the first 20,000

Each purchase can be considered for bundle pricing if the entire order is placed at one time.

Example:  If someone calls and wants 10,000 in each of three areas, the price would be $185.  If we start the process and the customer wants 20,000 and a month later wants 10,000 more, the price would be $250 ($150 for the first order, $100 for the second order.)

Please call Rickell if you have questions @ 724-272-7186.

In our office, we say "Good Morning". As the calendar pages turn, it's almost time for "Happy New Year" and we are looking forward to helping get the word out for less for your company's best products and services as 2015 peeks around the corner.  Our very first issues will include AKAP (Apollo), NKLB (New Kensington Lower Burrell) and Indiana.

Pricing in general: $100 for the first 10,000 in an area plus lower pricing per thousand for additional blocks of 10,000:

  • $150 for 20,000 (2nd 10K = $50, half price)
  • $185 for 30,000 (3rd 10K = $35, even less per thousand)
  • $220 for 40,00

Discounts are automatically applied to ongoing customers' invoices:  14% for "ongoing" (aka "re-ups" or "renewals") in one service area, 18% for automatic renewals in two or more areas.  Call anytime to reserve space on ANY future placemat issue.  You can also choose which space(s) you want, first come first serve.

At Local4All, we wish you the MOST PROSPEROUS of New Years for 2015!  We hope to be part of it.

Please keep in mind that one of the best gifts you can give this Holiday season is keeping yourself and others on the road as ABSOLUTELY SAFE as you can.  Drive defensively and make sure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up 100% of the time.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at Local4All Advertising.



Local4All is pleased to continue serving up Holiday savings for the seventh year.

  1. NO LONGER AVAILABLE:  AKAP, AKLV, Ford City, Kittanning, and NKLB Holiday placemats - Deadlines have passed.  Next issues will be January-March 2015.
  2. 05 IN Hol 1114:  Ironwood Grill, or generic Indiana placemats only...  your ad on 5000 placemats for $75 or both for $100.
  3. 05B Hol 1114:  Butler - will be printing 20,000 (20K) for $150 including 7,500 for the two Pizza Hut locations in Butler.  Call for pricing if you want just the Pizza Hut locations.
  4. 05 SEBCo Hol 1114:  For Southeast Butler County, your ad on 40,000 placemats, a combination of one-restaurant specials and ~20K generic placemats.  Call for pricing combinations.

See lists of restaurants in each area from the dropdown menu above.


Captain George at Work
Captain George at Work
Captain George will be at Deer Creek Diner on August 30th and Sept 13th from 10am to ?? with photos of his work over the years as one of the pioneers in motion picture news coverage, working at times for all three of the Pittsburgh television stations and for United Press International (UPI).

In a humorous story he shared with me at Denny's in Harmar, one of the captain's neighbors informed him "Captain George, you have to stop keeping me up at night!" Sitting across the table from him, it was inconceivable that this well-mannered gentleman partied too loud or too late. He continued "I asked her 'Is my TV too loud? Am I talking too loud?' to which she answered 'No. I've got a copy of your book and I can't put it down!'"

Captain George is also active in patrolling the Pittsburgh rivers to keep them safe. A world traveler, Captain George is a person you want to meet and greet.

Deer Creek Diner is located at 13 Russellton-Creighton Road in Russellton, PA. It features modest prices, excellent food, and good service.

FYI: Captain George will also be the featured artist at the Vandergrift Arts and Crafts Festival in late September.

Timing is everything. Eavesdropping isn't pretty but sometimes the end result is a Godsend.

In early July, I overheard a tidbit of conversation that allowed me to boost sales for Kaczor Ravioli Company and get John's fruit-filled pierogies some extra visibility. More recently, I happened to be in the Kittanning Public Library and heard a young man asking for a job application. Before Andrew had a chance to walk away, I asked him what type of work he was (is) looking for and, within minutes, Andrew and his girlfriend Stefanie and I were talking about him working for me.

So far Andrew and I have covered a lot of ground. At 16 years of age, he is a willing learner. At 63, I've been around long enough to have lots to teach him plus Stefanie is likely to help both of us from time to time.

Need to get the word out on a low budget? Call Andrew @ 724-487-9568 or send an email to

UPDATE: Andrew goes to school during weekdays and is also working for Villa Rosa so he might not be able to get back to you immediately. Text or leave a voicemail. Thanks, Carl